Car import from USA

  • Car import from USA Quality you can trust!

    In Vendaxia, I specialize in importing cars from the USA to Poland. If you dream of a true American road cruiser, check out my offer. Can't find your dream car? Write to me, and I'll help you find it.

  • A car that you won't find in Europe

    Are you looking for a unique car model that is not available in the European market? Do you want to stand out on the road? For Vendaxia, nothing is impossible. Write to me, and I'll make your automotive dream come true.

  • What does the process of importing a car look like?

    I have years of experience in importing cars from the USA. I operate according to the highest standards, and as my client, you will know exactly what is happening with your car at every stage of its import.

  • Trusted importer of cars from the USA

    Thanks to professionalism, I build lasting relationships with clients. Check out what customers are saying about Vendaxia and join the group of drivers enjoying their new cars. 


Cars available immediately

  • Available immediately

    BMW F22 m235i

    130500 km
    415 KM
    Skrzynia manualna
    89800 PLN Contact me
  • Available immediately

    BMW F30 335i

    196000 km
    306 KM
    79000 PLN Contact me

I import cars from the USA

Find your dream car with me

I provide comprehensive support, from handling all customs and tax formalities to delivering the vehicle to your doorstep. Working with me means saving time and money — you'll have access to unique models and benefit from reduced import costs. 

Zdjęcie właściciela firmy.


I inherited my passion for automotive from my father. The combination of passion and experience ensures that I will choose the best offer for you, and soon you will become the owner of your dream car.

Work with Vendaxia

Check out what sets me apart

Take advantage of my services and enjoy an exclusive car from across the ocean!

Professionalism and experience

Thanks to my many years of experience, I ensure reliability and accuracy in organizing maritime transport of vehicles.

The latest offers

I use trusted auction services, allowing me access to the best and most up-to-date offers. 

Unique models

I assist in finding and purchasing any car: from the most popular models to those unique and rarely seen on Polish roads.

Comprehensive support

Collaborating with me, you receive support at every stage of the import process: I advise on model selection, arrange transportation, and oversee customs clearance. 

Time savings

With thorough support, you save your time. Choose your dream car, and I'll take care of the rest. 

Reduction of import costs

Collaborating with me, you'll benefit from a reduction in import costs, allowing you to save even more 

The process

A few steps, and the car is yours



During the initial conversation (30-60 minutes), you'll share your needs and expectations, allowing me to find a car that meets all your requirements.


Car selection

Based on the gathered information, I browse auctions to find a car that will meet your requirements.


Signing the agreement

You choose your dream car, and then we sign a contract for its import. The cost of import is 3,000.00 PLN net.



After winning the auction, payment must be settled with the auction house within two days. The payment is divided into three stages: for the vehicle, land and sea transportation (USD), customs fees in Rotterdam (EUR), and transportation to Poland (PLN).


Monitoring and customs clearance

After receiving the container number, I track the current location of your car. I also supervise the customs clearance process, which may take approximately 2 weeks.


Transportation to your doorstep

After completing the formalities, I handle the transportation of your car to the specified address: either to your home or a workshop of your choice.

Completed orders

Cars at satisfied customers

  • BMW F32 435i - 2016

    The 2016 BMW F32 435i is the epitome of elegance and sporty style. This coupe combines modern design with excellent performance. It incorporates advanced BMW technologies and innovative solutions, while the engine under the hood provides excitement with every press of the gas pedal. Take a moment to indulge in the luxury offered by the BMW F32 435i.

  • BMW F30 335i xDrive - 2014

    Are you looking for elegance and power combined? The 2014 BMW F30 335i is the answer to your expectations. This sporty sedan not only impresses with its luxury but also conceals a powerful engine under the hood, delivering unforgettable driving experiences. Whether it's dynamic acceleration or precise handling, the BMW F30 335i is ready to meet the expectations of drivers seeking perfection.


Read what people are saying about Vendaxia

  • I never expected that importing a car from the US could be so easy! Thanks to David, the whole process was not only easy, but also exciting. My new vehicle is absolutely sensational, and the staff was incredibly helpful. I recommend anyone who dreams of an American car!

    Kamil Nowak

  • I imported a vehicle from California through Dawid, and I am very satisfied. Everything was handled efficiently, and the car is in excellent condition. The service proved to be exceptionally helpful and always available. I highly encourage everyone who dreams of a true American car to use this company!